How to contact the lost google workspace administrator

How to contact google workspace administrator

In the process of using Google workspace, you may lose contact with the administrator of the Google workspace account. In this case, to regain the admin rights of the Google workspace admin account, you need to follow the steps below to get the admin admin back. Including cases like you don't know who the Google worksapce admin account is and can't contact them to get the account back. Like the case where the admin email holder has quit or you bought through a 3rd party and can't be contacted. In case you can't contact admin admin google workspace lost, please do the following

Step 1: Get email domain credentials.

Information includes: login path, user, password of the domain name. This information is usually emailed when you sign up. If you do not have this information, please contact your domain name registrar to have them reissue it for you.

Step 2: Contact ADTIMIN for assistance in getting your account back.

Contact information: 0945.507.667.

You need to provide a user & password for any email account, we will work with Google to designate that account as an administrator.

Step 3: Switch your Google workspace account to continue using.

We'll assist you in appointing a new admin for your account and switch to ADTIMIN to assist you with payments and invoicing.

Assign new admin Google workspace
Assign new admin Google workspace

Causes of losing google workspace admin account include:

+ Forgot or can't find Administrator account username
+ Forgot Administrator account password
+ Can't remember or can't access the recovery email
+ Don't remember or lost recovery phone number or lost trusted device
+ The former employee in charge quits and does not hand over the Administrator account information
+ The old service provider did not hand over the Administrator account information
+ The account is still accessible (Gmail; Drive…) but loses Administrator rights (Access to page but is directed to page)
+ Failed to perform the information verification steps required by Google when trying to get the admin account back
+ Google workspace account is disabled due to expiry date
+ Google workspace account is disabled due to not setting up payment information
+ Google workspace account is disabled due to domain name not being verified
+ Google workspace account is disabled due to violation of Google's policy/terms of use

Error message when logging in

“ is for Google workspace accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to”

When you receive this message, you are logged in to your Google workspace Admin Account with your personal Gmail address (ending with Please log out of this account and sign in with your own domain Gmail address (does not end with

“You've reached a login page for a domain that isn't using Google workspace”

You are receiving this message because your Google workspace account has been deleted or disabled. Google deletes or disables your account when your trial expires without verifying your domain name, or without updating your billing information. Accounts can also be deleted by another Administrator. You will not be able to recover data from a deleted account. However, you can re-register a new account with your domain name. Please wait 24 hours from the time your Google workspace account is deleted to re-register.

“Couldn't find your Google Account”

Your Google workspace account does not exist. Please double check the information you entered, make sure you entered the correct username and password.

Don't know Username and Password

If you signed up for Google workspace, you are the Administrator, log in to the Admin Panel with the account and password when you signed up.

Forgot admin password

Method 1: If there is another administrator: Contact them and ask them for help by Reset Password.

Method 2: Reset the administrator password yourself

Go to Enter the admin email address (eg and click Next. Click Forgot password? And follow the instructions to reset the new password, please refer to the instructions for details:

Method 3: If you signed up for Google workspace through a Google agent, contact that partner for assistance.

Forgot username

The primary username is the email address of your domain name (e.g.; not an email address ending in

Find your username again according to the instructions: Go to At the login page, click Forgot email? And follow the instructions to get your Username back.

The former employee/admin leaves the company and does not hand over administrative information

If possible, contact the former Administrator and ask them for an admin username and password. If unable to contact them, fill out this Form to prove you are the real owner of the Google workspace account and domain.

If someone registers your domain name with Google workspace, contact them and ask them to pass the information back to you. If unable to contact, see instructions:

Still can't login to the Admin Panel?

You are signed in to your Google account but cannot access the Admin Panel: If you try to login to, but are directed to, ie. you do not have Administrator rights. Ask your current Administrator and ask them to give you permission.

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